A well done work

How Edil 2N helps you in every construction project

Construction, mainteinance, refurbishment, earth moving and a lot more...

Edil 2N is a construction company that is able to adapt itself to all the market's demands, discover how we can help you realize your project!

Our Services

Building well, between innovation and tradition

A team of people that uses the best machines, equipment, and materials

Civil, industrial and hospitality construction

All our employees are qualified personnel who is able to work on different projects, both civil and industrial, thanks to a team made of project's specialists such as crane operators, digger drivers, cladding technicians, plasterers...


The precence of a technical department inside of Edil 2N helps the company realising and organising the construction process, from the development of tender dossiers to the drafting of metric computation.

The purchasing  department instead, focuses its work on finding the best materials and equipments for the best prices, in order to let the company work in an efficient way and to its best quality standards.  

Earth moving

The machines fleet the company is equipped with allows it to satisfy most of the clients demands. The company in fact has several diggers both on caterpillar and tire, with different types of buckets and accessories such us jackhammers and clamps. 

Public contracts

In order to work in an efficient way with the Italian Public Administration Edil 2N keeps on investing in the formation of its employees, in fact one of Edil 2N departments is the administration which is specialized on public relations, the office is always up to date with the latest regulations and bureaucracy. 

Artistic buildings and places of worship

The process of protection, maintenance and refurbishment of artistic buildings and worship's places is extremely delicate and complex, it requires very specialized figures that Edil 2N is able to provide.

The company works, in fact, with loyal partners who are specialized in these extremely delicate practices.

Real estate

The sales department insede of Edil 2N focuses its work on the promotion of the company properties, it is also aviable for properties evaluations and is supported by a net of credit institutions and consultants for both sales and leases.