Our Services

Building well, between innovation and tradition

A team of people that uses the best machines, equipment, and materials

Civil, industrial and hospitality construction

We are able to build, both civil and industrial buildings, from villas to block of apartments to industries, we also do urbanization and both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


High quality anti-sismic adjustments and energy saving buildings. Energetic's upgrading of existing structures and both light and heavy building renovation.

Earth moving

The company is equipped with many different machines in order to be able to urbanize, modify or dig land.

Public contracts

Edil 2N is able to close and realise public contracts such as schools, sports facilities, park urbanization, graveyards...

Artistic buildings and places of worship

Edil2n is able to work for the maintenance and refurbishment of worship's places, artistic and historical buildings part of the cultural heritage.

Real estate

Edil 2N also operates in the real estate market, on its own and for third parties, the company offers different properties for sale or on lease, all thanks to a specialized department.
A construction company from Bergamo

Construction, Refurbishment, Maintenance and way more

Our achivements

Edil2N is a construction company from Spinone al Lago (Bergamo), which operates in the north of Italy, it is specialized in new constructions, refurbishment, and maintenance both private and public. The main characteristic of the company is the flexibility of all the staff. 

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Flexibility and Green solutions

Towards the future without losing the past

Edil2n is first of all a very flexible construction company, dynamic, and versatile. The new constructions, the maintenance, and the refurbishments are always eco-friendly. We satisfy our clients by using the most innovative procedures. 

What do we do?